Core Services and Products

Business Intelligence Reports for Academies

Marketing Intelligence Reports for all industries

Training organization workflow

Knowledge management infrastructure

Productivity plugins for Odoo opensource ERP software

E-Mail security training program (coming soon)

Decentralized smart certificate management (coming soon)

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Core Services and Products

How our customers profit from our services

Unlike usual consulting agencies, our philosophy is to not only provide you with insight or just to „complete the project“, but to implement lasting and effective processes that allow you to focus on doing what you love and what you do best.

Machine Learning and Data Science have become an easy to access ressource for companies at any scale. Your experience already makes you an expert in running your business. But the tools we build for you can give you superpowers, that you would not have thought to be possible. With our solutions as co-pilot, you can turn your company into a digital champion. No matter if you plan to reduce cost, optimize your knowledge management or excell at finding and delighting customers, we can help your data fuel your business goals. You will be surprised what is possible.

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